How to Sight In A Rifle Scope

Learning how to sight in a rifle scope takes time and repetition. Sighting-in is the method of aligning a scope. To be able to sight-in a scope accurately, a lot of time and patience must be exerted. You will have that wonderful sense of satisfaction when you hit your first target and your confidence will be boosted at the same time. All your hard work and patience will eventually pay off.

The gap between the scope’s eyepiece and the eye of the shooter is called eye relief. Having adequate eye relief is necessary when your rifle has a lot of recoil. As stated earlier, eye relief is the distance between your eye and the end of the scope. Eye relief is more vital when using a shotgun and a handgun because they have stronger recoil.

To make sure your Tasco rifle scopes are safely secured in the mount, the screws should be tightened on the mounting rings. Make sure that the spaces between the top and bottom halves of the mounting rings are exactly the same on all sides. This can be done by tightening each side of the rings one by one. Avoid tightening the screws. A gap should be placed between the two halves of the mounting rings.

Look for a place where you can put your target 100 yards (91.4 meters) away from you. It is essential to know which ammunition will work in perfect harmony with your rifle. That’s why it is strongly suggested to bring different types. Just make sure that each type of ammunition can be fired by your rifle. Typically, majority of rifles can fire a range of ammo. However, it is impossible for the two kinds of ammunition to fire in exactly the same manner.

The bore sighter must be placed in the muzzle again. Make your scope’s reticle adjacent to the bore sighter’s reticle. Adjust your scope’s setting if you fail the alignment. The elevation controls and windage must be set until they are exactly aligned.

This next step is utterly essential. Take the bore sighter off from your rifle’s muzzle. Your rifle will be damaged when the bore sighter is not removed before loading and firing your rifle. It is very dangerous and can cause major injuries. A cartridge must be loaded on the rifle as soon as the bore sighter has been removed. On the center of your target, point the aim then fire. Go near your target to see if your shot made it. If you weren’t able to hit the exact center of the target, don’t fret. There are still plenty of ammunitions to try.

Using one of the different kinds of ammo, load your rifle, aim at the target again and then fire a couple of shots. Check your target so you can see where your shots landed. Then get another kind of ammo and repeat this procedure. The type of ammo used in the shot that is closest to the center’s target is the right kind for you.

Finally, adjust your scope’s settings. By doing this, your shots will be closer to landing on the center of the target. This guarantees a hit target whether it’s near or hundreds of meters away. Learning to sight in your rifle scope is a great accomplishment. You are surely in for a wonderful journey ahead.

It is best to educate yourself first before deciding to purchase and mounting a scope on your rifle. Take into consideration your financial ability (trust me, you can find cheap Tasco scopes if you look hard enough!), location of your shoots and the type of game you’ll get yourself into. Don’t hesitate to invest on high-quality scopes because they can surely make the most out of your shots.

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