Five Tips For Better Hunting Accuracy

Before heading out to the real world of hunting, you must make sure that your Tasco rifle scopes are accurate enough. Take time to practice on your own and work on your shots before going to the field. Here are a few pointers to help you improve your skills in order to achieve a great hunting experience.

1. Proper Trigger Control

One of the key elements in achieving accuracy is learning how to properly pull the trigger. You shouldn’t slam or jerk the trigger too hard because it will only get you off target.

Try pulling the trigger slowly in a steady position. In this way, less error will occur. Consistent pressure throughout the pull should always be maintained. It’s better to practice on a target range first before heading out to the field. Once you get accustomed to the proper pulling of the trigger, it will be a breeze once you get in the field.

Some triggers are heavier than the others, making it more difficult to pull. If you can fix the trigger yourself, do so before starting to practice or have a professional gunsmith take a look at it.

2. Proper Breathing Control

Proper breathing greatly influences the shot. Knowing how to breathe properly is essential to achieving a great shot. A shot should be made after taking some deep, slow breaths. After you exhale, pull the trigger. Avoid holding your breath longer than a few seconds because it will impair your shot. Don’t take a shot without taking a couple of breaths first.

3. Execute Various Positions

If you really want to be good in the field, you should practice shooting from different positions. Don’t just stay in one position. You can shift from kneeling to standing and sitting to prone position. It may be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it will eventually come naturally.

4. Use a .22 Rifle

Cheap Tasco scopes and .22 rifles are perfect for practice because they are affordable. Plus, they are easier to use due to less recoil and muzzle blasts. It’s much comfortable using a .22 and the trigger pulls more smoothly. It also diminishes some of the negative habits such as shying away on your shot and follow through.

5. Second Shot Preparation

Always get yourself ready for the second shot. Do not be complacent when you did well on your first shot. You should be prepared to take the next shot. Avoid pulling away from your scope or dropping your rifle because a second shot won’t be made possible. This is very crucial especially when hunting risky game. Even the shortest time interval can make a big difference. The second shot can make or break your game.
Hopefully these tips help you become more accurate and a smarter shooter. For more information about the Tasco rifle scopes for sale that were mentioned earlier, read the corresponding article. Cheers and happy hunting!

Tasco Rifle Scopes For Sale

Whether you choose to hunt or target shoot, you are guaranteed optimum accuracy when you buy one of the many Tasco Rifle Scopes for sale. They feature a full-sized inch construction that matches all standard rifles. Undoubtedly clear and bright images are provided by their Magenta multi-layered lens coatings that are also water and fog proof.

For more information, you can visit their website, A thorough description on each scope is available here including their magnification ratings. They also have “Rifle Scope Basics” which is a section wherein the scope’s structure, reticles and different kinds of optical coating are discussed. A glossary of rifle scope terms is also available to help people better understand. They also have downloadable brochures to guide you in choosing the right scope.

For more than 50 years now, cheap Tasco Rifle Scopes have remained a favorite among hunting enthusiasts. With their advanced technology, they develop high quality and heavy-duty scopes that exhibit premium optics. This comes in different price tags so customers can choose according to their budget. These scopes were designed to be mounted in a low position at the same time grant the shooter with a remarkable objective lens. The best thing is that all Tasco Rifle Scopes comes with a No-Fault Lifetime Warranty. So you can have it repaired or replaced under any circumstances.

Included in their impressive scope line are the .22 rifle scopes, Proghorn, Golden Antler and the World Class. Their greatest accomplishment so far is the Extreme Performance (EXP) model. It has an oval objective lens and features a variable power magnification.

Furnished with Supercon multi-layered coating, Tasco’s World Class models definitely lives up to its name. With its high performance delivery, not to mention 100% shockproof, waterproof and fogproof qualities, you are definitely in for a ride. They provide a clear image and perform well even under dark environment.

While also water, fog and shock proof, Tasco’s Golden Antler scopes are showcased at a much affordable price. Light transmission is improved by the state of the art coating on all lens surfaces.

Lastly, their most prized possession, the Proghorn line is also 100% shock, fog and water proof. It exudes excellence in optical clarity and brightness amid dim light. They are designed to withstand harmful elements and harsh conditions. You can also find Tasco rifle scopes for sale that have easy to use controls that can be very well adjusted by the fingers.

How to Sight In A Rifle Scope

Learning how to sight in a rifle scope takes time and repetition. Sighting-in is the method of aligning a scope. To be able to sight-in a scope accurately, a lot of time and patience must be exerted. You will have that wonderful sense of satisfaction when you hit your first target and your confidence will be boosted at the same time. All your hard work and patience will eventually pay off.

The gap between the scope’s eyepiece and the eye of the shooter is called eye relief. Having adequate eye relief is necessary when your rifle has a lot of recoil. As stated earlier, eye relief is the distance between your eye and the end of the scope. Eye relief is more vital when using a shotgun and a handgun because they have stronger recoil.

To make sure your Tasco rifle scopes are safely secured in the mount, the screws should be tightened on the mounting rings. Make sure that the spaces between the top and bottom halves of the mounting rings are exactly the same on all sides. This can be done by tightening each side of the rings one by one. Avoid tightening the screws. A gap should be placed between the two halves of the mounting rings.

Look for a place where you can put your target 100 yards (91.4 meters) away from you. It is essential to know which ammunition will work in perfect harmony with your rifle. That’s why it is strongly suggested to bring different types. Just make sure that each type of ammunition can be fired by your rifle. Typically, majority of rifles can fire a range of ammo. However, it is impossible for the two kinds of ammunition to fire in exactly the same manner.

The bore sighter must be placed in the muzzle again. Make your scope’s reticle adjacent to the bore sighter’s reticle. Adjust your scope’s setting if you fail the alignment. The elevation controls and windage must be set until they are exactly aligned.

This next step is utterly essential. Take the bore sighter off from your rifle’s muzzle. Your rifle will be damaged when the bore sighter is not removed before loading and firing your rifle. It is very dangerous and can cause major injuries. A cartridge must be loaded on the rifle as soon as the bore sighter has been removed. On the center of your target, point the aim then fire. Go near your target to see if your shot made it. If you weren’t able to hit the exact center of the target, don’t fret. There are still plenty of ammunitions to try.

Using one of the different kinds of ammo, load your rifle, aim at the target again and then fire a couple of shots. Check your target so you can see where your shots landed. Then get another kind of ammo and repeat this procedure. The type of ammo used in the shot that is closest to the center’s target is the right kind for you.

Finally, adjust your scope’s settings. By doing this, your shots will be closer to landing on the center of the target. This guarantees a hit target whether it’s near or hundreds of meters away. Learning to sight in your rifle scope is a great accomplishment. You are surely in for a wonderful journey ahead.

It is best to educate yourself first before deciding to purchase and mounting a scope on your rifle. Take into consideration your financial ability (trust me, you can find cheap Tasco scopes if you look hard enough!), location of your shoots and the type of game you’ll get yourself into. Don’t hesitate to invest on high-quality scopes because they can surely make the most out of your shots.

Cheap Tasco Rifle Scopes

Because of all the qualities I'm about to mention, any type of hunter would surely feel great with cheap Tasco rifle scopes. In addition to all the great features, the company offers a No Fault Lifetime Warranty. This signifies that Tasco will fix or replace their scopes if anything malfunctions no matter what the causes are. The combination of all the features, not to mention the usefulness and value for money they provide make these scopes ideal for hunters of any kind.

Some hunters prefer placing the scope on the rifle’s lower position and if you’re one of them, then finding cheap Tasco rifle scopes is recommended for you. The scope is specifically manufactured to do just that and the shooter is still equipped with a large objective lens. Tasco rifle scopes are also ideal for hunters who like lenses with wide view.

Tasco has produced a new line featuring oval scopes and it’s called Extreme Performance or EXP. Although Tasco has designed wide view lenses in the past (read the Tasco Golden Antler scope reviews for more information), the EXP has its own uniqueness. This new line provides better light but the old one has a viewing range that is wider. These Tasco rifle scopes are rich in other features too. The degree of magnification is offered in an expansive range. They provide a couple of choices: the higher magnification with a power range of 3 to 9 and the lower one with a 1.5 to 5 magnification. Power would not be a problem for any form of hunting activity. Light gathering is superb with the EXP and it can be placed low on the rifle. This is mainly because of its 42mm size. It does not even lose any light from reflection while offering much of it. Even in dark conditions, you could make the vision as bright as day by just adjusting the dial. Plus, the EXP’s exterior exudes quality because of its fine coat finish. The eyepiece can be manipulated with ease with the absence of a lock ring. So, if you want a quality product with a solid guarantee to back it, consider picking up one of the cheap Tasco rifle scopes available on eBay.

Tasco Golden Antler 3-9x32 Rifle Scope Review

I’ve been deer hunting for almost my whole life, whenever I get a chance. I thought about trying my new Tasco Golden Antler rifle scope on my gun one day. I was completely satisfied with its performance during a hit target 325 yards away. I was able to hit the exact same spot where I aimed. When I sold my old rifle, I kept the Tasco scope and mounted it on my new rifle. Accuracy never became a problem. Of course the quality of this scope is barely close to the higher quality Leupold scopes and Bushnell scopes but when partnered with low-recoil rifles, it performs notably. My other gun has a new Leupold rifle scope mounted on it. For $400, it is much brighter and more rugged looking. This Tasco scope is recommended for the occasional hunter who is on a tight budget and doesn’t shoot a heavy-recoil rifle. Unlike the more pricey Tasco rifle scopes for sale, these affordable Tasco rifle scopes have a limited and a lot shorter life span. That’s why it has a lifetime warranty, in case something wrong happens. Though in my case, I’ll just buy a new one. My scope has served its purpose and I won’t hesitate to shell out money to purchase a new one.

Most retailers sell this Tasco scope for about $49-$79. Luckily for me, I was able to purchase it for only $39 on eBay.

Why I like this particular scope:
1. I bought it for only $39.
2. It includes a lifetime warranty.
3. Unlike my former scope, this one is fogproof.
4. Can be aimed easily and remains still.
5. It has bright and clear optics which are definitely too good for the price.
6. The lens is low-profile.

The general composition including the way it fits is quite remarkable. It has a slick magnification ring that stays still. It also has firm adjustments that don’t turn loose. Thumbs up to the fogproof lenses for it did great too. I used it one chilly morning in eastern Canada and was surprised that neither fogging nor clarity problems arose. It was impressive considering the temperature was way below the freezing point. Overall, I'd give the Tasco Golden Antler rifle scope a thumbs up.