Tasco Golden Antler 3-9x32 Rifle Scope Review

I’ve been deer hunting for almost my whole life, whenever I get a chance. I thought about trying my new Tasco Golden Antler rifle scope on my gun one day. I was completely satisfied with its performance during a hit target 325 yards away. I was able to hit the exact same spot where I aimed. When I sold my old rifle, I kept the Tasco scope and mounted it on my new rifle. Accuracy never became a problem. Of course the quality of this scope is barely close to the higher quality Leupold scopes and Bushnell scopes but when partnered with low-recoil rifles, it performs notably. My other gun has a new Leupold rifle scope mounted on it. For $400, it is much brighter and more rugged looking. This Tasco scope is recommended for the occasional hunter who is on a tight budget and doesn’t shoot a heavy-recoil rifle. Unlike the more pricey Tasco rifle scopes for sale, these affordable Tasco rifle scopes have a limited and a lot shorter life span. That’s why it has a lifetime warranty, in case something wrong happens. Though in my case, I’ll just buy a new one. My scope has served its purpose and I won’t hesitate to shell out money to purchase a new one.

Most retailers sell this Tasco scope for about $49-$79. Luckily for me, I was able to purchase it for only $39 on eBay.

Why I like this particular scope:
1. I bought it for only $39.
2. It includes a lifetime warranty.
3. Unlike my former scope, this one is fogproof.
4. Can be aimed easily and remains still.
5. It has bright and clear optics which are definitely too good for the price.
6. The lens is low-profile.

The general composition including the way it fits is quite remarkable. It has a slick magnification ring that stays still. It also has firm adjustments that don’t turn loose. Thumbs up to the fogproof lenses for it did great too. I used it one chilly morning in eastern Canada and was surprised that neither fogging nor clarity problems arose. It was impressive considering the temperature was way below the freezing point. Overall, I'd give the Tasco Golden Antler rifle scope a thumbs up.


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